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Don't Mark my words, mark theirs!

"Mark was the emcee for our annual function with an attendance close to a thousand people. We had an enjoyable time with fun & games. He was very professional, friendly and was able to react quickly to unexpected situations that arise. He guided us in planning the program and help us craft the right atmosphere for the function. Mark is the right choice to anyone organizing an event."

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Philip Tan, Vice President QA DBG & Hd QA Kinetics Design & Manufacturing, ST Engineering

Leroy & Janice 22072018.jpg

Leroy & Janice (22nd July 2018 @ Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel, Malaysia)

"First and foremost, so sorry we took such a long time to finally write this testimony. It took the longest time only because it was one of the most important testimony of anyone that we wanted to write for someone that journeyed with us through our wedding journey.

Mark, you were an incredible host in our wedding. More than a host/emcee, you felt like family. Like a big brother that we loved/loved us and was out there to make everyone we invited felt as warm and welcomed from the time they came in.

After all the weddings and events we’ve attended, we always knew that the emcee was definitely something we wouldn’t compromise on. And God blessed us by having you agree to do it for us. It was nowhere a compromise, it was more than we could hope for.

You were truly more than just a great host of the evening. You were a spiritual Brother who was there to guide us along and made sure that we remembered how God remains the center of our relationship and to trust Him.

Without you, our wedding would have been completely different. So thank you Mark, a million times over. ♥"

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